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How to Register your Business Online in Nigeria

Startups! You can now register your businesses online on the Corporate Affairs Commission website. Simply visit the CAC website at and follow the steps to register your business name, company and incorporated trustees. All you need is evidence of membership of that company, as well as scanned copies of all the required documents that you can upload and submit. There is also an easier and faster way to pay for registration and acquisition of duty stamps from FIRS.

Please note that when you are submitting the original copies of the documents you uploaded online, you have to go to the office you selected when registering that is the closest to you. CAC working hours are between 8 am to 5 pm, Mondays – Fridays.

  1. Check for availability of proposed company name.
  2. Reserve a new Name
  3. Complete pre-registration form – CAC1.1 (Online option) or (Download and fill)
  4. Pay filing fee to CAC Check the fees here
  5. Pay Stamp duty fee to FIRS
  6. Prepare the signed scan copy of your pre-registration documents for upload as follows:
    • Form CAC1.1
    • Memorandum and Article of Association (MEMART)
    • Proficiency certificate (where applicable)
    • Recognized form of identification for Director(s)/Subscriber(s) and Secretary
    • Stamp duty certificate
    • Evidence of payment to CAC
  7. Upload the scanned documents for processing.
  8. Submit the original copies of the documents uploaded at step 6 (Form CAC1.1, MEMART, etc) to the CAC office you had selected in exchange for your certificate and the Certified True copies of the documents.