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OIIE focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship amongst others by fostering a more innovative digital economy through turning new ideas and inventions into products and technologies that will spur job growth and competitiveness, thus promoting economic development.

OIIE is responsible for identifying and recommending solutions to issues critical to driving an ICT innovative economy. We will ensure that startups, entrepreneurs and firms are able to successfully build their businesses as well as access and develop a globally competitive and skilled workforce.

OIIE focuses primarily on five pillars that will drive its operation & programs.

Under the INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM we administer, provide and support requisite components of ICT innovation ecosystem through:

  • Incentives,
  • Incubation and acceleration support grants
  • Technology innovation fund; and
  • Seed funding scheme

We support and invest in the establishment of ICT innovation communities such as incubators, accelerators, ICT clusters at higher institutions, and ICT innovative business clusters.

We provide support grants and research assistance to incubators and accelerators to assist them in bankrolling their incubation and acceleration cost to meet the growing number of tech startups across the country and demand for incubation and acceleration.

We are thus fueling ICT development for job and wealth creation especially amongst the youth, to improve the socio-economic status of the country.

Click here to view the interactive map of Nigerian incubators and accelerators.


1.     StartUP Friday:

StartUP Friday logo Final 1

StartUP Friday is an initiative of OIIE designed to promote and encourage new start-ups and foster relationships with investors, mentors and successful start-ups. StartUP Friday is a “meet-up” designed to bridge the gap that exist amongst  startups, investors, mentors, buyers and other players in the Nigerian entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is to promote and foster resultant relationships that will help startups to grow and scale their businesses.


  • Enrich the development process of the startups
  • Facilitate the creation of an interactive community for exchange of ideas and information
  • Create a comfortable environment for startup owners and potential investors to interact
  • Bridge the seed funding gap
  • Establish a network of entrepreneurs committed to growing and scaling their businesses
  • Provide essential support to ensure that the startups thrive and cater to the socio-economic climate by creating jobs and problem solving

2.     Incubation and Acceleration Support Grants:

The growing ecosystem of incubators and accelerators in Nigeria is evident across the country. This program is aimed at continuing to support the incubators and accelerators by bankrolling the incubation and acceleration cost of potentially high-growth startups across the country. By so doing, we will be accelerating emergence of new ICT SMEs, catalysing employment generation and wealth creation.

This is evident in the tech ecosystem emerging along the corridor of Herbert Macaulay Way in Yaba, Lagos where incubators and accelerators such as Co-Creation Hub, IDEA Hub, Passion Hub, Andela, Paradigm Initiative of Nigeria are situated.


  • Catalyse ICT development across the country
  • Provide seed funding to spur development of ICT products and services
  • Bridge the seed funding gaps in startup business development and growth
  • Support ICT incubators and accelerators across the country
  • Promote ICT talent development across the country

Immediate Outcomes:

  • Support the ongoing incubation of twenty one (21) ICT startups from October 2015 till date
  • Co-hosted West Africa and East Africa  HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge in Nigeria which led to the emergence of eight (8) Nigerian ICT startups with civic engagement solution
  • Supported an all-female ICT startups called DIYLaw to win USD40,000 the annual 2015 HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge in Hague, Netherland
  • Sponsored an Abuja talent accelerator on one month entre-Boardroom training and mentorship programs for twenty (20) ICT SMEs
  • Co-funded with Co-Creation Hub, Lagos the ongoing research work on ICT Talent Gap Analysis
  • Supported the talent acceleration of seventy five (75) tech developers
  • Supported Entrepreneurship Training and Upstream Workshop for one hundred (100) GSM technicians and computer dealers in Enugu

Expected Outcomes:

  • Emergence of  new ICT startups
  • Attract foreign investment towards local ICT startups
  • Proliferate ICT talents and skills across the country
  • Deliver comprehensive report on Nigerian ICT Talent Demand Analysis; Talent Supply Analysis and Talent Gap Analysis and Recommendations

3.     Technovator Club (Tech Innovation Community Program for Higher Institutions)

This program is designed to focus on ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with the aim of growing and developing the ICT eco system, capacity building and replicating the passion in Silicon Valley in cluster areas starting with Universities.

The mission is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and to facilitate the development of skill sets that will enable members become technology entrepreneurs.


  • Encourage entrepreneurship in Technology at the undergraduate level by providing incentives, guidance and a platform that motivates.
  • Build ties and encourage collaborations between the University and Technology Ecosystem to bridge the skill gap for fresh graduates.


  • Knowledge sharing – The Club facilitates a wealth of tech-related educational opportunities for members. The Member Education team holds “Tech Tuesdays” every Tuesday.
  • Field Trips- In order to facilitate networking and in-depth exposure to the reputable and most interesting tech companies, the Club organizes multiple field trips throughout the year to bring students closer to employers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the tech industry.
  • Our goal is not only to help interested students strengthen their ties with the industry, but also to increase the industry’s awareness of the University as a source of top talent.
  • Technology Club Competitions -The Club has a dedicated team whose role is to cultivate opportunities for our members to gain hands-on experience in growing technology fields through competitions.
  • Mentorship – Club Members have access to mentors in different stages of their career to help provide guidance.
  • Internship Opportunities – Every year, selected club members would be provided opportunities for internship with notable companies.
  • Resource Centre – We have a lot of resources to help members develop technical skills that would shape them into future technology entrepreneurs.
  • Scholarships- Scholarship schemes for members in their current Universities and other top Business and Technology Institutions.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Have a Technovator Club in all Universities in Nigeria.
  • Foster skill development at the undergraduate level that would feed into the technology ecosystem.

Provide undergraduates the tools and mentorship to consider entrepreneurship in Technology.

Through our ENTREPRENUERSHIP programs we are committed to implementing and supporting policies, initiatives, programs and projects that develop a large number of ICT entrepreneurs.

We understand that entrepreneurship is a key driver of socio-economic development, so we are creating platforms for ICT entrepreneurs to develop, test run, and commercialize their innovation.

Our focus includes creating platforms that foster interaction among ICT entrepreneurs and start-ups, resulting in commercially-driven products, services, organizations, institutions, processes, research and development, and socio-economic innovation.

We are primarily targeting the youth by taking advantage of the huge population of youth and high rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria.

We are thus channeling the energy and creativity of our youths towards building sustainable ICT solutions or products that will address our day- to -day challenges and can earn them revenues and a sense of belonging.


1.     ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program for NYSC Members

This program designed to engage, stimulate, support and develop Nigerian Youth Corp members that have unique innovative ICT products or services addressing specific socio-economic challenges that can be turned into viable ICT businesses within one – two years through existing incubators and accelerators across the country.

This is a conveyor belt-type of program that supports youths from an ideation to a prototype development to an earliest version of the ICT product or service.

We are taking advantage of the huge population of youth and unemployment in Nigeria, and channeling the energy and creativity of our youths towards building sustainable ICT solutions or products that will address our day- to -day challenges and can earn them revenues and a sense of belonging.

We are implementing this in partnership with our network of incubators, angel investors, talent developers and NYSC skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development (SAED) department of NYSC.


i.      Create ICT solutions that can positively impact livelihood in communities where corp members serve.

ii.              Promote ICT entrepreneurship and innovation amongst NYSC members

iii.            Generate employment and new businesses owned and driven by dispatched corp members

iv.             Reduce the rate of unemployment amongst dispatched corp members

Immediate Outcomes:

i.               4,500 corp members in Abuja were trained on innovation and entrepreneurship

ii.              At the end of the workshop that happened in three tranches from October to December 2015, one hundred and fifty (150) corp members with unique ICT ideas and products were selected and awarded idea development seed grants to enable them further develop their ideas into products

iii.            13 corp members currently undergoing internship and business incubation program

Long Term Outcomes:

i.               Support the generation of 500,000 direct and indirect jobs for graduated NYSC members through ICT innovation and entrepreneurship program (2016 to 2020).

ii.              Support the creation of at least 50,000 new ICT SMEs across the country (2016 to 2020)


Having known that ICT is an enabler for all businesses and a great economy, which in turn creates effective business culture and increases standard of living; amongst our responsibilities is to close the huge ICT- oriented gap between the rural and urban areas that is in existence.

Our passion is to seek ways of catalyzing programs that can at least narrow the gap; develop ICT solutions (products & services) that can improve the socio-economic status of the Nigerian populace especially in the rural and semi-urban areas.

The INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT program pillar encourages innovation aimed at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Our programs promote awareness, access, affordability, availability, scalability, sustainability, quality, pervasive growth and ICT innovations for/by the people as key enablers for inclusive development of innovation for the nation.


1.     iWork-While-Schooling Program (iWWS)


The program is an onsite and online outsourcing / internship program for Nigerian undergraduates within Nigeria and in diaspora to enrich their practical learning experience, while promoting knowledge exchange and participatory contribution to ICT development in Nigeria.

The program is creating revenue and work experience for them while schooling. While empowering Nigerian undergraduates financially, it will also ignite inpatriation of Nigerian talents to the country in driving ICT development.

OIIE launched this program in August 2015 with the intention of empowering Nigerian undergraduates to help them go through school with less financial stress. The program is also expected to accelerate talent development across the country and increase youth employment in digital economy.


i.      Develop and operate a global network of ICT resources of Nigerian youths within and in diaspora

ii.     Proliferate ICT online entrepreneurship

iii.   Accelerate talent development across the country

iv.    Increase youth employment in digital economy

Future Programs:

These will include Innovation Around Smart City Initiatives, Girls and Women in ICT, establishing ICT Innovation Labs in  six (6)  geo-political zones and Hackathons

Our COMMERCIALISATION programs are aimed at turning new ideas and inventions into sellable products and technologies that spur job growth and competitiveness while promoting economic development.

We are supporting tech startups and tech companies through programs that can convert ideas, research or prototypes into viable products and services that can be monetized and brought to market rapidly.

The focus area under this program pillar includes creating platforms that foster  the projection of commercially-driven products, services, organizations, institutions, processes, research and development, and socio-economic innovation.

We also, provide advisory to assist our tech startups with aspects like business incorporation, patent registration among other. We are creating a platform to showcase our portfolio of viable tech businesses, products and ideas in order to link them up with potential investors and funders; with huge potential for crowdfunding.


1.     StartUP Clinic Program:

StartUP Clinic Logo2


StartUP Clinic was developed out of the needs and demand of the startups that have come to the StartUP Friday Program. The maiden edition was launched on May 26, 2016 with 18 startups taken through a grinding session with 5 hub operators, one investors and two business consultants.

StartUP Clinic is a SMART gathering for a few startup, mentors, successful entrepreneurs, investors, Industry specialist, business consultants and hub operators in an interactive and exchange mode to give maximum attention to startup founders with the goal of solving problems and challenges their business are facing.

It is designed specifically to dive deeper into areas or aspects where startup founders seek support, education or real world “know-how”. This creates a one-on-one meeting with mentors who could be experienced and successful startups or entrepreneurs, industry specialists or business consultants, incubator and accelerator managers, and investors who will deliver practical and actionable solutions to their business challenges or problems.

StartUP Clinic provides continuous advisory support with aspects like business plan, business modeling, valuation, business registration, commercialization, business development, patenting, real world business experience etc.

The sessions during StartUP Clinic also covers topics such as “How to prepare pitch decks for funding”, Branding, Marketing, Technology, Finance, Legal, HR and other pillars of successful entrepreneur journey.


i.               Offer free business advisory services to ICT startups

ii.              Develop the business acumen and capability of ICT startups

iii.            Promote the development of ICT ideas to commercially viable businesses

iv.             Create market opportunities for ICT startups

Long Term Outcomes:

i.               Emergence of more successful ICT businesses

ii.              Employment generation

iii.            Wealth creation

iv.             Increased national competitiveness


We have built partnership over the last few years to collaborate in fostering ICT innovation and entrepreneurship across the country. We will continue to establish requisite partnership with the private sector, NGOs, international multi-lateral organizations, financial institutions, foreign investors, trade associations, other Government MDAs etc.