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StartUPFriday is a “meet-up” designed to bridge the gap that exist amongst startups,investors, mentors, buyers and other players in the Nigerian ICT ecosystem.

StartUPClinic is a SMART gathering for a few startup,mentors, successful entrepreneurs, investors, Industry specialist, businessconsultants and hub operators with the goal of solving problems and challenges startupbusinesses are facing. 

FutureHACKis hacking current problems to produce solutions that can disrupt bad lifestyleor amplify good ones. Ideas and/or solutions generated could be funded forfurther research and funding into becoming ventures.

FutureGarageis a technology-driven program for undergraduates to spark, nurture and buildinnovative solutions of Startups. It is conducted in a designatedspace within the University, managed by students but supported by OIIE and theUniversity. 

iWork is an onsite and online outsourcing / internship program for Nigerianundergraduates within Nigeria and in diaspora to enrich their practicallearning experience, while promoting knowledge exchange and participatorycontribution to ICT development in Nigeria.

The venture-in-a-week program is organized by office for ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIIE) with the vision of cultivating a network of outstanding individuals, converting ground breaking ideas into successful companies that can change the world, generating employment, innovative services and products, social prosperity and to foster business and social association among NYSC corps member who have zeal for entrepreneurship. 

StartUP Nigeria is a “meet-up” designed to bridge the gap that exists among startups, investors, mentors, buyers and other players in the Nigerian ICT ecosystem.

Stakeholders connect is a meeting set up to engage stakeholders in the ICT ecosystem, so that they can collaborate and bring synergy into the growing ecosystem.