“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen
and thinking what nobody has thought”

Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
(discovered Vitamin C)


StartUP Friday is a program of Office for ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIIE) designed to promote and encourage new start-ups and foster relationships with investors, mentors and successful start-ups. StartUP Friday is a “meet-up” designed to bridge the gap that exist amongst  startups, investors, mentors, buyers and other players in the Nigerian entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is to promote and foster resultant relationships that will help startups to grow and scale their businesses.

The past four editions of StartUP Friday in February, March, April and July 2016 have had in attendance over 2,500 participants, 600 co-founders, 55 investors and 10 hub operators, resulting in 7 tech-driven startups have received funding in various forms through us and visiting investors to StartUP Friday. 18 other startups are being funded for various mentorship, grinding session and accelerator programme

FutureHACK is the future – hacking the current problems to produce solutions that can disrupt bad lifestyle or amplify good ones. It is about promoting out-of-this world, futuristic but thought-provoking ideas and/or solutions that can be funded for further research and funding into becoming ventures.

The maiden edition of FutureHACK was launched at the StartUP Friday program on July 01, 2016 in Abuja during which 8 individuals mounted the stage to pitch their futuristic ideas before the audience of startups, investors and other stakeholders.

StartUP Clinic Logo2
StartUP Clinic is a SMART gathering for a few startup, mentors, successful entrepreneurs, investors, Industry specialist, business consultants and hub operators in an interactive and exchange mode to give maximum attention to startup founders with the goal of solving problems and challenges their business are facing.

It is designed specifically to dive deeper into areas or aspects where startup founders seek support, education or real world “know-how”. This creates a one-on-one meeting with mentors who could be experienced and successful startups or entrepreneurs, industry specialists or business consultants, incubator and accelerator managers, and investors who will deliver practical and actionable solutions to their business challenges or problems.


Supporting the industry players and practitioners in the establishment and operation of incubators.


Through initiatives such as Techlaunchpad, we are supporting the tech startups to accelerate their business development.


Funding is a major challenge to entrepreneurs. We will work with key stakeholders to galvanise direct and indirect funding for the ecosystem.